JÜRI SELF-STORAGE - 115+ units

Location: Tallinn, Estonia

Earn 7% Preferred Returns

Our goal is to help people to invest in projects otherwise inaccessible to them.

Most attractive and profitable investments are all done by bigger institutions and companies. The regular investor can’t access them and in some rare cases it would require to put all funds in one asset.

Solution was to form a group of regular investors. Together we can purchase and develop projects that are otherwise unavailable to us.

Self-storage typically offers cash flow performance and value-add potential, and is experiencing high occupancies due to increase in demand.

In addition, rental rates are increasing due to low supply. Self-storage is needed during economic downturns as well as during an economic expansion.

Is This Investment For You?

Our goal is to help you to invest in real estate projects that would normally require 100 000 euros or more capital to enter.

Not many people have that much capital to put in just one investment.

Thats why a syndicate is helpfull as you can invest in multiple investments and lower the risk of something going wrong.

And as always the best time to invest is in down turn or recessions when other people are selling.

If this sounds like you, then this investment might be for you

What Are You Investing In?

This investment is a development and a value-add project.

We are buying an office building near two of the fastest growing residential areas. Just 15 minutes outside of Tallinn.

The building will be converted to fully automatic self-storage with over 250 rentable units.

Purchasing a building will give us an advantage as it is cheaper than developing a building from ground up.

Conversion will happen in phases which provides us faster opportunity to achieve cash flow. Total construction time will be around 29 months.

There are also multiple opportunities to add value to this project with small add-ons.

1 +
1 m2
1 min

What Do You Get From This Investment

1 %
Preferred return
1 %
0.1 X

What Is Target Raise For This Project


Are You Ready To Invest And Start Earning Passive Income?


Unit price: 1 000 €
Per unit equity: 0,089%

Minimum investment is 1000 euros. 

Investing with us is simple. You just need to leave your contact information and we will send you detailed information on this project.

Who Are We And What Is Baltic Business Investments?

The seed for Baltic Business Invesments was put to ground when Peeter, Joona and Timo met in 2014.

Peeter was already back then an experienced real estate investor and coach. He made his first investments back in 2009.

Joona and Timo had been entrepreneurs from 2008 with multiple companies.

All three of them had background in investing with solid principles.

Our principles

1. Put your money where your mouth is. If you can recommend it, you invest in it.
2. Checklist driven approach: real value, easy to manage & easy to maintain.
3. Integrity: No hidden fees. Total openess. No empty promisess.

What they noticed was that most good investments were out of reach for most people and only available for bigger companies and institutions.

Thats when the idea for investor group came in mind. Let’s find lot’s of investors with similar problem and pool our money.

Back in 2018 they started to plan a company what would become Baltic Business Investments. The next year they spent looking for people needed for the project and started visiting possible investment projects in Finland and Estonia.

In 2020 Baltic Business Investments was officially founded and first investments projects were found.

Today we have a team of 9 and are in the phase of launching the first project and finding investors for it.

Why Invest With Our Group?

Our process is very simple: FIND, FUND, GROW & FINISH


We review hundreds of deals to find the best opportunities to our investors.


We handle every aspect of the investment to provide totally passive income to our investors.


Our management team handles daily operations of our investments to provide growth in value.


We set a target hold period for all our investments so our investors know what to expect our projects.

Meet Our Team Members

We are a small team of 9 located in Estonia and Finland. 

Peeter Pärtel

CEO & Co-Founder

Joona Luostarinen

CIO & Co-Founder

Timo Hyväri

Marketing Manager & Co-Founder

Indrek Matson

Director of Operations

Markus Kauppinen

Project manager, Finland

Tiia Raudmägi


Anna-Liisa Lukas

Customer Relations, Estonia

Eve Mäenpää

Marketing Associate

Siiri Pakkala

Customer Relations, Finland


Here are some of the common question we are asked and the answer to them. Maybe you will find your answer here.

No, it is not. 

It’s a normal investment. So when you invest you get share of the company.

Instead of investing in funds or stocks you invest in a company that owns a real estate.

No. We don’t promise things like that. 

Best investments take time to yield profits that compound over time.

If you invest in this, you have to be willing go for it for the long term.

This is an investment that most people wouldn’t get access without a syndication like this. That’s the main reason to invest.

Secondly you will get a preferred return to you investment which most investments won’t give.

Third reason is that self-storages are historically very sound investments even in turbulent or down turn markets.


After submitting the application and our approval, we will send the transfer instructions and then wait for the payment within 5 days.

The minimum investment is 1000 euros.

We have no cap on your investment size on the other end.

Target raise for this project is 1,2M euros which we are expecting to fill out fast.

Yes, all investments including this have risks.

We advise all our investor to only invest money they are willing to lose. 

We personally invest our own money to our projects but we still keep in mind that the money can be lost.

Your preferred return is 7,0%.

This means that you will be paid first.

Yes. Like with all investments, you can lose your money.

That’s why we advise all our investor to only invest money they are willing to lose. 

We personally invest our own money to our projects but we still keep in mind that the money can be lost.

Bank pay very little interest to your money in your bank account. That is the reason to invest money. 

So your money can work for you and make you more money.

Of course you should only invest the money you can.

We look for investments that are recession resistant so turbulence or down turns in general economy won’t hurt them. Self-storager are one of the best options for that.

No, it’s not. 

I multilevel marketing schemes you make money by getting more people to buy something.

Syndication is a group of people formed to pursue a shared interest. So there are no “levels” and you can’t make money by getting more people “in”.

Our syndicate brings together multiple investors who have common goal of investing in low-risk real estate projects and getting passive income in return.

This way a single investor can invest in multiple projects, reducing risk and getting a better returns.

Reserve your spot by leaving your contact information with us.

We will send you more detailed information about this project and the investment agreement you need to sign.

After signing the agreement you have 5 days to transfer the funds.


Are You Ready To Invest And Start Earning Passive Income?


Investing with us is simple. You just need to leave your contact information and we will send you detailed information on this project.

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