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What Is Baltic Business Investments And Why You Should Join Our Investor Group

Our group brings together multiple investors that have a common goal of investing in low-risk real estate projects and getting passive income in return.

Most people don’t have the possibility to do multiple real estate investments or have the capital for bigger investment deals.

And putting all assets in one or two investments can be risky.

Baltic Business Investments was formed to solve this problem.

Investing together a single investor can invest in multiple projects, reducing risk and getting a better returns.

How Does Our Investor Group Work

Join Our Group

Joining our group is free. Just fill out your contact information. We send you information on our upcoming investments.

Participate In An Investment

You can pick and choose from the investments that you like from the ones we sourced for our investors.

Passive Management

You get total access and quaterly reports on your investments. They require zero management on your part.

Passive Income

Our projects give you preferred returns which you can then invest further and enjoy the effect of compounding.

Recession Resistant Investments

We love low risk investments.

Over the past few decades, self-storage properties have been less volatile than the stock market and residential real estate.

There is no other investment class on the planet with such a low risk profile and above-average returns.

The 2020 COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdown has resulted in the global economic growth coming to an abrupt halt in Q1.

Still the results of FEDESSA survey suggest that self storage remains resilient with 91.3% of income collected and that the vast majority of debtors longer than 30 days will be paid.

Our Investment Portfolio

What we are working on now and in the future.

SELF-STORAGE - 120+ units


SELF-STORAGE - 115+ units


SELF-STORAGE - 150+ units








Our Story

The seed for Baltic Business Invesments was put to ground when Peeter, Joona and Timo met in 2014.

Peeter was already back then an experienced real estate investor and coach. He made his first investments back in 2009.

Joona and Timo had been entrepreneurs from 2008 with multiple companies.

All three of them had background in investing with solid principles.

Our principles

1. Put your money where your mouth is. If you can recommend it, you invest in it.
2. Checklist driven approach: real value, easy to manage & easy to maintain.
3. Integrity: No hidden fees. Total openess. No empty promisess.

What they noticed was that most good investments were out of reach for most people and only available for bigger companies and institutions.

Thats when the idea for investor group came in mind. Let’s find lot’s of investors with similar problem and pool our money.

Back in 2018 they started to plan a company what would become Baltic Business Investments. The next year they spent looking for people needed for the project and started visiting possible investment projects in Finland and Estonia.

In 2020 Baltic Business Investments was officially founded and first investments projects were found.

Today we have a team of 9 and are in the phase of launching the first project and finding investors for it.

How We Work

Our process is very simple: FIND, FUND, GROW & FINISH.


We review hundreds of deals to find the best opportunities to our investors.


We handle every aspect of the investment to provide totally passive income to our investors.


Our management team handles daily operations of our investments to provide growth in value.


We set a target hold period for all our investments so our investors know what to expect our projects.

Meet Our Team Members

We are a small team of 9 located in Estonia and Finland. We are looking for new people who can provide clear value to our investors and our team.

Peeter Pärtel

CEO & Co-Founder

Joona Luostarinen

CIO & Co-Founder

Timo Hyväri

Marketing Manager & Co-Founder

Indrek Matson

Director of Operations

Markus Kauppinen

Project manager, Finland

Tiia Raudmägi


Anna-Liisa Lukas

Customer Relations, Estonia

Eve Mäenpää

Marketing Associate

Siiri Pakkala

Customer Relations, Finland

Join Now And Make Your Money Work For You

Syndicates are the best way to make your money work for you and create passive income.

We are constantly sourcing high quality deals so that you have a consistent selection of high-quality investments to choose from.

For most investments the minimum investment is typically very small. So start small and grow with us over time. Join now to check out some of our active investment opportunities.

We’re an open book to answer any questions or concerns you have about an investment.

What Is Coming In The Future?

Assets Under Management
1 M €
Self-storage Units