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What Is Baltic Business Investments And Why You Should Join Our Investor Group

Our group brings together multiple investors in syndicates that have common goal of investing in low-risk real estate projects and getting passive income in return.

Most people don’t have the possibility to do multiple real estate investments and putting all assets in one or two investments can be risky.

Baltic Business Investments was formed to solve this problem. 

Investing together a single investor can invest in multiple projects, reducing risk and getting a better returns.

How Does Our Group Work

Join Our Group

Joining our Group is free. Just fill out a short questionaire and your contact information. We send you information on our upcoming investments.

Participate In An Investment

You can pick and choose from the investments that you like from the ones we sourced for our investors.

Passive Management

You get total access and quaterly reports on your investments. They require zero management on your part.

Passive Income

Our projects give you preferred returns which you can then invest further and enjoy the effect of compounding.